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  1. About Liquid web hosting
  2. About Liquid web black friday deals
  3. Various Features and benefits of liquid web hosting
  4. Why I recommend Liquid web?
  5. Steps for activation of  Liquid web black friday discount?
  6. For whom Liquid web host is hosting ?
  7. Plan and pricing of liquid web black friday deals
  8. FAQs related to Liquid web
  9. Conclusion


A private web hosting organization was set up by Jim Geiger in 1997 as LIQUID WEB.

Continuous nine award for Fastest Growing Companies, isn’t it great??

Liquid web did this. They have plus  30,000 customers in around 150 nations.

In Lansing, Michigan there are three data centers of Liquid web. Also have some centers in additional at Phoenix, Dallas, Amsterdam, and in  Chicago.

Liquid web offers various hosting services like dedicated server hosting, managed cloud hosting, VPS hosting, email hosting, WordPress hosting, and many others.

Along with its superb quality fast hosting, The company Liquid web is best known for its Heroic Support Team. Users of Liquid web given positive feedback for the support team of the company that they are very intellectual and the host offers one of the fastest response times.

when it comes to changing web hosts, seem like a formidable task, but with Liquid web, company had an entire team dedicated to help users migrate their data from current host to Liquid web servers. 

Tempting features right??

Need not to worry about price. Here you can save **% in Liquid web black friday deals.



Hosting options of Liquid Web Black Friday Deals

Personal WordPress Plan 5 TB 30 GB
Beginner WooCommerce Plan 150 TRANSACTIONS Unlimited Products
Cloud VPS 59 TB 50 GB SSD
Cloud Dedicated 2*1 TB SATA RAID 8 GB RAM
Private Cloud 2.5 TB SAN 128 GB RAM

Liquid web hosting is NOT a shared hosting provider, They are advanced web hosting provider. 

Here i have mentioned Why Liquid Web stands Unique.


Here you are allowed to opt the plan which is suitable for your website. 

You may have a question.

What is dedicated servers?

You can easily Understand this by

Where all the servers are used to serve only your website.

You will also get full authority over the server, don’t have to face the problems which limited plans puts restrictions on which software you can use and more.

Having said this, you must be thinking like if dedicated server really needed over the sharable one and or is it worth opting for it? Then, let me show you a bigger picture and share the insights for a better decision making.

Relying on shared hosting obviously solves the problem and seems to be the most affordable one also, but there’s a lot of alert which goes hand in hand at the back end. 

The websites wherein the inflow of traffic is relatively less, this shared hosting seems to be the most compatible one and it does have a good amount of band to accommodate many such similar websites. 

But that leaves us with a dependency on the other ones, as for any of those days where the websites sharing the same server receives abnormally heavy traffic, then your website could face downtime, or slow loading which might impact your key performance indices in the long run. 

Moreover, if I take it further, it’s a basic sense that all the websites you are sharing the server with will eventually grow in popularity and complexity with the passing time, then, this shared plan will start showing opportunity losses to your business. 

Assimilating all these facts, I believe you are now in a better position to decide what difference does a dedicated server can bring to you by eliminating these blockers at every stages. 

This plan comes with the following: 

  • 100% network uptime guarantee
  • serve secure
  • 24/7 sonar monitoring
  • Brilliant, 24/7 support
  • Protection against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks
  • Built-in local backups
  • Gigabit Uplink
  • CloudFlare CDN

What makes the Liquid web’s VPS hosting different from others plans is the brilliant performance.

VPS plans are same as shared plans fundamentally but if said precisely, it’s for the ones who have outgrown shared hosting. 

Virtual Private Servers permit limited users to the share allocated segments of memory, processor power, and hard drive space. Liquid Web’s VPS is designed to meet all your needs and scope of your business. Otherwise, the other shared hosting with the same feature don’t gives the guarantee of resources.


This server is formed for the Health or Medical websites. Storing health information and data related to that is always very sensitive and a lot need to be taken care. We often observe irreparable damage to the websites for even a small mistake or compromise.

 If you are operating in the same niche, then you don’t have to worry. Just get associated with Liquid Web and avail its cloud dedicated solutions, and dedicated VPS,which are compliant with HIPAA guidelines. 


“Do you really need hosting for word press site”, this has been a frequently asked question in the online space now. However, a definite answer is still not there as the word press itself is lightweight and offer self-hosting opportunity. 

But again, it comes to the overtime growth and complexity of the site which pushes to opt for a hosting provider. And Liquid web has a lot to offer if given an opportunity. 

There are different plans like Personal, Professional, Business and the Agency Plan for the managed WordPress hosting and below are the list of advantages you’ll have in the market.

1. Compatible Price Range

The first and foremost thing to look for. Liquid Web has a range of prices depending on the requirement. 

It is organized so well that you’ll land settling at the underwhelming price no matter you have the planned for a more expensive host. Having said that, quality is nowhere in the compromised state.

2. Access to Control Panel

If you are newbie in the online space and have just started setting up your business, then an easy-to-use control panel becomes more than just a necessity. 

Managing server, installing WordPress, creating domain specific email addresses, adding domain to your account and a lot more of contextual work will be incredibly easy with Liquid Web’s hosting.

3. Compatibility on Technical front

Since word press doesn’t require much to run, but Liquid Web still make sure that it supports each bit that is needed for a smooth workflow. It is compatible with PHP 7 and MySQL 5.6 which are the basic requirement in this case.

5. Robust Support Team

The last but not the least, a Liquid Web’s support team always remain in the liaison between your website and server and work progressively to sense and avoid any potential blockers.

Their work is not only limited to give quick responses on the issues, but they are qualified enough to educate you whenever needed with full intent.


Cloud Sites allows you to host websites beyond the numbers with a limited storage space and  Bandwidth which is 50GB and 1 TB respectively.

Liquid web hosting offers cloud sites hosting. For security purpose you are not allowed to manage your application. And in the place of cPanel company has a custom panel service.  

Is loosing your pocket is worth for The Liquid web hosting ??

Main Features of Liquid Web Hosting-

Following are the reasons which  justify Liquid Web is one of the excellent premium hosting service providers.


Liquid Web hosting providers gives  guarantee of 100% uptime . This claim of company is guaranteed.

If your website goes down, and the failure of not delivering this uptime is from the side of Liquid web, you will get 10 times credit of the amount of that down time. 

This is the Plus point of Liquid web hosting.None of the other hosting providers guarantees this % of uptime.


The support team of liquid web hosting is available 24*7*365 to answer all queries and provide all the said support. 

Heard of Heroic Support team??

Yes you are at right place.

This term of Heroic support team is used for only the support team of Liquid web.

Users of liquid web agree that they only need a couple of minutes to be available for support, with the team.

And you will get Red Hat certified suppirt members who stand for the commitment of to be there whenever the customer needs them.


Liquid web has set up their data centers in Amsterdam and in the US . 

 Liquid Web owns all of its hardware which is not same with other hosting providers.  By this they provide much better options to their customers in comparison to hosting provider who use the hardwarevon lease.

Liquid Web is well famous for the Sonar Monitoring Team which pro actively monitors and protects its servers. 


No other hosting provider offers this higher bandwidth which liquid web offers. The Liquid web has starting plan with 10TB bandwidth. 

With Other hosting companies you have to upsell to higher plans if your bandwidth gets exceeded. But here with Liquid web you need to upsell, they provide 10TB bandwidth which helps you to stay at same pricing plan.


Generally your servers get exhausted because to extreme usage, and you need the upgrade for next level plans. 

But, Liquid web is differ from others, it is customer-friendly, company provides you various add on options which enable you to upgrade RAM, storage, bandwidth for lower additional costs, you need not to upgrade to higher plans.


You can save your money for the price offered by Liquid web.

Liquid web is already available for low price in comparison to the hosting providers who offers complete VPS services.

And this Liquid web black friday deals, offers more sugary deal. 

I can bet, you won’t get such a pretty good deal until next black friday.


 SSD storage is necessary to fasten the speed in comparison to traditional HDD.

SSD servers performs amazingly fast in comparison to the traditional SATA hard disks. With every Liquid web Server you will get SSD storage by default. 


You can choose control panel very easily according to your comfort.

As per your requirements you can choose between Plesk Onyx and cPanel. 

Users don’t have to worry anything about the issue, they will get timely support and updates for both the panels.


You can choose different plans and options according to your business model  which your company is following-

Liquid web is best for-

  • E-commerce
  • Bloggers
  • Digital Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing

And, specially business that requires a website.


There is nothing to worry about activation of liquid web hosting black Friday deal.

You can easily avail the discount offer of liquid web hosting black friday. 

Just need to follow these steps-

Step 1: Visit the offer page of liquid web hosting.

Step 2: Choose your desirable plan from the options given.

Step 3: Enter your domain name if you have already or move ahead to get new domain on the next page.

Step 4:  Submit the necessary details after a click on Continue.

Step 5: Choose your preferable payment option and complete your purchase.

Congratulations! You have successfully availed liquid web hosting black friday deal.

Check here the best price-

First Deal: Offers Cloud VPS 2 GB RAM

  • $**/month for a 24-month prepaid plan$** in total savings
  • Free 100 GB Backup
  • Link:

Second Deal : Offers Cloud Dedicated Server Intel Xeon E3-1230 v5

  • $** in total savings
  • $**/month for a 24-month prepaid


  • Free Double RAM

Third deal: Offers cloud Dedicated Server – Intel Xeon 1230 v5

  • Free Double RAM
  • $**/month for a 24-month prepaid plan
  • $** in total savings
  • Link:

Fourth deal: Offers VPS Monthly Plans

  • Coupon code: ***
  • Free 100GB Cloud Backup
  • 60% off three months monthly plan

Fifth deal: Offers Dedicated Monthly Plans

Sixth deal: Limited Offers Managed WordPress

Additional Services for your Business

  • Load Balancers
  • VPN
  • CDN
  • Integrated Backups
  • Block Storage
  • Object Storage
  • Firewall
  • Premium Business Email
  • Multiple site management tools
  • No overage charges
  • Themes sync
  • Automatic image compression
  • Unlimited page views
  • Automatic plugin updates


FAQs related Liquid web black friday deals.

1. Is liquid web is good enough to host my e-commerce site?

As liquid web hosting offers great features such coupons, multiple payment gateways, and gift certificate support, and etc. They are the best to host your e-commerce websites.

2. Does any hosting plan of liquid web offers free SSL certificate?

Yes, here you will get a free SSL certificate in all wordpress plans.

3.Do I get domain registration services with liquid web?

You can buy new domain name from them. This is process of single click.

4. Do liquid web gives guarantee of uptime?

Yes, Liquid web gives guarantee for 100% uptime.


Liquid web Black Friday deals, the offer at the discounted price seems better. You won’t get any reason to drop this amazing Black Friday Deal.

Liquid web is best known for Dedicated Servers and managed VPS. They put their full effort for fast, secured servers with 100% Uptime SLA and a reasonable cost.

If this isn’t excite you, then none other will. Give it a chance and buy Liquid web during the Black Friday sale to save more.

You might have many other probing questions on its features and performance, or unsurity if opting this will work for your project, then there can’t be a definite answer for this. 

You have to give it a considerable time to gather the performance data and analyze what percentage of impact it creates. 

So, go ahead, grab this amazing discount, and let the professionals manage your hosting requirements.


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