Long Tail Pro Black Friday Deals

Long Tail Pro Black Friday Deals

Worried about better ranking of your website??

Looking for advanced tool for better results??

Need not to worry.

I have a great news for you, about Long Tail Pro Black Friday Deals.

Don’t invest your time in searching the perfect package of keyword optimization tool.

Here is the full package with all required features and affordable price.


About long tail pro black friday deals

Introduction of long tail pro

sale details

Process for Activation of discount offers

Plan and Pricing


Additional benefits


Pros &Cons


Introduction of Long Tail Pro

It offers the services same as its name. 

If you are writing online, you must be aware with the  importance of keyword. And its tough to get relevant and profitable keywords related to the topic. 


you need not worry more about keyword research or raking high.

Long Tail Keyword makes it very simple as it provide max 700+ keywords for every search.

For best keyword research tool you can opt Long Tail Pro. It gives the most appropriate long-tail keywords.

It is used by maximum people all over the world.

The oldest tool is Long Tail Pro. Maximum bloggers are using it from very long time.

It always get positive feedbacks.

This tool and specially the Long tail pro plan worth time and money both.

Take a look on details and Go for the amazing deal.

Want to know more??

Why to worry?

Here you will get all required and genuine information related Long tail pro black friday deals.

which will make it easy for you to Grab the deal within the offers period.


On annual Starter: You need to pay $*** (Original price $**)

On annual pro: You need to pay $*** (Original Price $**)

On Monthly Starter: You need to pay $** (Original price $**)

On Monthly Pro: you need to pay $** (Original price $**)



This is specially framed for the new  comers of this long tail keyword tool.

This plan offers you-

  • KC calculations
  • SERP lookups 
  • 800 keywords result
  • daily rank dates
  • able to track up to 30 keywords
  • Unlimited number of domain tracking.


This plan is framed for the professional, digital marketer, webmaster. 

As you get only single login allowed in starter pack, here you will have 2 logins.

You will be allowed for the access to Long Tail University.

You can find the plan on annual basis as well as monthly basis.

This Plan offers you-

  • 2500 keyword lookups
  • SERP lookups
  • KC calculations
  • can track upto 200 keywords
  • daily rank updates
  • can track unlimited number of domains

Details related Long Tail Black Friday deal-

Here You will get to know about the offers by Long Tail Pro on Black Friday deal:

  • JUST A CLICK AND GET THE DEAL, Offer is for limited period. 

Go get it!

  • OFF- 30% and 50% discount on all monthly plans and all annual plans respectively.
  • 10- day money back guarantee.

Process for activation of Long Tail Pro Black Friday Discount-

Want to Avail this Discount??

Need to follow some simple steps:-

1.First Visit to the offer page of Long Tail Pro.

2. You will get three options here-

Starter, Agency and pro (all Monthly & Annual plans).

If you want plan which offer around 2500 keywords/day, you can go for Annual pro plan.

3. Choose your desirable plan and move to click on subscribe now 

4. Before clicking on Create account, Submit all required personal and payment details.

Here you Go.


You have Successfully activated the Long Tail Pro Black Friday Deal.

Why to choose Long Tail Pro??

This tool provides every possible keywords suggestion to go high in ranking.

Tool provides the proper tutorials and guidelines, to make it easy to use.

For any promotions, attractive lines, on online platform you need a excellent keyword. 

Long tail pro offers You can  700+ suggestions on each keyword you search. 

It will help you to improve SERP rankings. 

This too first do research nad then analysis and quickly show you the result. 


It builds up the performance by the features like tracking ability.


Competition analysis of long tail pro

This tool provides a detailed competition analysis on every keyword. You will get all the details related that keyword as site age, indexed URLs, External backlinks, Internal links, citation flow, domain citation flow, domain KC and etc.

By the help of mentioned details, it will be very easy to analyze competition and this will help you to work properly with your keyword. 

Sometimes you will feel like not working or your the things don’t excite you to write, at this time viewing competitors work can incourage you.

This tool will help you to have an eye on your competitors keywords.

Easy to operate

It will make you feel like playing. You are required to fill the keyword in search box, and then the tool will excite you on another level by giving you surprising results. 

In a blink you will get profitable, relevant, list of long- tail keywords.

It is so easy to operate and saves maximum of time by allowing various search at same time.

you can get more than 300 around long tsil keywords related to your search within seconds.

Money Back Guarantee

Long Tail pro offers 60 days money back guarantee. At sometime if you feel that you are not willing to continue or not satisfied with the service you can take your steps back.

With a easy process, from the billing section of app .

Excellent Customer Support

You will get a very friendly and helping customer service from Long tail pro team. 

You can send a request for support if you face any trouble from their end.

The entire team is very active and particular with every comment and request.

You will get Detailed Matrics

This is the additional point in this tool.

You will get all the detailed information like Rank value,KC volume, Competition and many more. 

Easy to search keywords according language and country

Long Tail pro allow you to search keywords based on languages and countries. You need to select Language and country of which you are searching the result.

This tool will satisfy you with the best results. 

This will surely help you in targeting audience of any particular language from any country.

By using this tool you can rank higher and will be able to search profitable keyword.

User friendly

It is easy to use even if you are beginner you won’t face any issue. 

All the things are so simple to understand with no time.

You are required to enter your seed keyword and then you will love playing with words and this tool.

Excellent effect

This plan in the tool is designed to get appropriate result. This will help you to know all the angles.

13 metrics will present a very clear picture of your competition.

It will show all rankings and the tracking results.


The long tail pro plan wilk have an extra benefit of free training from this tool itself.

The complete app is framed to make the work easy for beginners. They will get tutorial of each any prospect of tool, by paying very little.

But for Long tail pro user it s totally free to access the tutorials and can be trained without paying any extra penny.

Other Benefits of Lang Tail Pro

  • The tool supports both windows and ios and performs as best SEO tool.
  • This plan is worth to spend money on.
  • You can find numbers of long tail keyword easily ranked.
  • This provides you complete research of keyword,and helps you to choose appropriate one.

The basic advantages of Long Tail Pro 

The main advantage is pro users don’t need any set up, they can enjoy using app directly.

The research tool for keywords works flawlessly, you are required to enter only the seed keyword for which you are for long tail keyword.

On the next step you will get a vast list of profitable keywords, according your inputs of language and country.

Long tail pro plan offers access of Long tail university and long tail Bootcamp. This tutorials will not only help you to learn the use of tool as well it will improve your other skill like digital marketing.

Along with doing keyword research, Long Tail pro plan helps to boost the rank double by help of competitors analysis.

It will provide a detailed analysis related to high ranking sites on SERPs which wilk help you to find the points to rank your site higher than competitors site.

Along with these features the pricing plan is also very reasonable to buy. 

Anyone can afford this plan, a big professionals, small business, new startups. This plan will not make you regret on this purchase and don’t even trouble your pocket more while purchasing it.

And tool allows Money back guarantee, on its plan.

At any point, tool disappoints you, it is very easy to take your steps back. 

In addition, tool also offers various methods to get out of the problem related the app.

They are always available there with support tickets, FAQs, chat, troubleshooting articles.

Ways to use Long Tail Pro?

You need visit the Longtailpro.com and try the free trail. 

It includes all the features which you will need.

Longtailpro offers you a license which wilk allow you to access Long Tail Pro on max 3 systems. 

There is versatility in use of any languages supported by Google.

Pros & Cons-


  • You will get useful metrics.
  • Offers Bulk Keyword suggestions for a seed keyword
  • You can Explore low competition keywords in even competitive niches.
  • You can have Visual representations to know the ranking progress over time.
  • You will be allowed for the analysis of the top 10 Competitors for any of the keywords.
  • Offers Accurate rank tracking


  • The limit of keywords could be higher.

FAQs related Long Tail Pro black Friday deals

Q. If i want to change this plan in mid, can it be possible?

Yes, by using their app you can change the plan anytime.

Q. Is Long tail pro is worth buying?

For finding appropriate keywords I would say this is the best tool to buy.

Q. What is the discount offered by Long Tail pro black friday deals?

It offers 50% off on all the plans. you can activate annual starter at price $** and annual pro plan at $** .


No matter you are a beginner or a professional, if you are looking for a keyword research tool you will be amazed to use Long Tail pro plan of this tool.

Or if you are a professional it wilk great deal for you. By having lots of features in cheap price. On this Long Tail pro Black Friday deals.

Long Tail Pro is all set from every perspective to buy. 

It provides numerous major features required while keyword optimization, Site ranking. 

This Long Tail Pro Black Friday deal is the most affordable deal you can have with this much of features and additional benefits.

There nothing to wait for.

It won’t sadden your pocket.

Save your bank and get this deal.

Go Grab it!

Offer is limited.

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