Podia Review (March 2021)- Should You Buy?

Hey, Creators! 

Looking for the Best online creator platform?

PODIA can be your solution.

Here is my genuine and honest Podia review. Please keep reading…

Podia offers all the needed features of an online creator platform at bank saving price. 

Podia gives a variety of features under one roof.

The best platform to earn with, and this is the best time to start with Podia.

Need to know Podia’s review?

About Podia-

With Podia you can host all your products at a same place. You can create your online course, sell and manage easily at one place.

You need to use different tools to run your business, you will get all the necessary requirements in Podia.

Podia was Started in 2014 and established in New York by Spencer Fry with aim to help creative businesses and arrange their all online requirements.

The best thing is Podia don’t charge transaction fees.

Almost 17000+ people are using Podia for their online business.

Podia offers Online Courses, Memberships, Email Marketing, Webinars, Website, Digital downloads, Messaging, Promotional campaigns, construction sale page, handling goods,all these at one place. 

Allows super easy procedure to work with Podia. Podia is too good in handling EU digital goods VAT tax.

Podia provides excellent customer support.

Available on reasonable price.

Discount on Podia Black Friday Deals

PLAN Original Price Discounted Black Friday Price
Free Trail Not available 14-Day Free Trail
Mover Plan $**/m (amount) you can save $**/year (amount)
Shaker Plan $**/m (amount) you can save $**/year (amount)

Process to activate Podia Black Friday Deals

Step 1: Link ****

Cluck on the mentioned link and visit the Podia black friday deal page. 

Click on “Start Free Trail”.

Step 2: Enter the asked information, like name, password, email address.

After that Click on Start Selling.

Step 3: Confirm Your Email.

Upgrade your plan (After Trail period of 14 days).

And here you Go.


You have activated Podia black friday deal.

Plans and Pricing of Podia

Podia is offering two plans- Movers and Shakers, both the plans are different in features.

  • Plan 1- MOVERS

Price- $**(amount)/m 

Offer- Save $**(amount) when paid yearly.

This plan is best suitable for beginners or the creators with their first product.


  • Online Courses
  • Own Storefront
  • 7-days- support
  • Zero transaction fee
  • Digital Downloads
  • Unlimited everything
  • Email Marketing
  • Plan 2- SHAKERS

Price- $**/m

Offer- Save $**(amount) if paid yearly.

This plan is best for creators who are already in digital business and want to grow their business.


  • Online Courses
  • Free migration
  • Own Storefront
  • Email Marketing
  • Third-Party code
  • Embedded checkout
  • Memberships
  • Unlimited everything
  • Digital downloads
  • Zero transaction fee
  • Affiliate marketing
  • 7-days-a-week support
  • Blogs

Things You can do with PODIA-

  • Digital Downloads

With Podia you can sell as many digital products as you want. It can be PDFs, audios or digital guides.

Features of Digital Downloads-

  1. No limit on digital goods.
  2. You only need to focus on your Creation and Selling. Rest coding, hosting and other technical issues all are handled by Podia.
  3. You can have Unlimited customers, No restriction on Customers.
  4. You will get Fast and 24/7 Support.
  5. Reasonable price and For annual plans Podia offers Promo code.

No idea about Digital Downloads??

Need not to worry. Digital generators helps to generate products. It is very easy to create and sell. Here are some simple steps to follow and you will be able to Earn easily.

Step 1: Answer the questions about downloads.

Step 2: Create PDF for your brand.

Step 3: Here you can start selling and earn profit.

Types of Digital downloads supported by Podia-

  • Image files
  • PSDs
  • MP3 files
  • Quizzes
  • Templates
  • PDFs
  • eBooks
  • Text files
  • A mix of file types
  • Audio files
  • Online Courses

With podia you can get the feeling of standing at podium, it works same like that.

Podia is properly characterized, developed and storefront, and here people can sell Online courses.

And get Promo code offer which is free for 2 months in addition to annual plan.

You just have to do some easy tasks like creating and sell your online digital products, first create and then sell.

Different types of courses Podia allows to create-

  1. Course-related to your business.
  2. Podia supports every file type and also host all the content. 
  3. Podia allows to create number of online courses.
  4. Podia is the “kingmaker” of your world where you are king.
  5. Having simple and minimal design can increase the experience of users and customers.
  6. Your course must fit in the demand of the customer.
  • Email Marketing

When it comes to selling of digital products, then the most important companion is Email list.

Podia allows unlimited emails and support systems. Email helps a lot in connecting with customers, sharing info and products.

Podia provides an amazing support system. you don’t have to wait with the trouble, they are active and gives quick response to your queries.

  • Memberships

After login, at your dashboard you will get the option of membership site.

Setting up membership site is very easy. By this you can get flexibility and freedom because this membership is quite useful.

Membership will allow direct access to your members, while charging them for each month or yearly.

“UNLIMITED” Facilities provided by them-

  1. Unlimited membership plans.
  2. Unlimited members.
  3. Unlimited sales and emails.
  4. Unlimited digital products.

Benefits of Memberships-

  1. The most effective and fastest way of attracting people on large ground, and gives better result.
  2. If you are having membership abilities, you can appeal more and more people.
  3. Podia never interferes in your earning, each and every penny is yours. Which generally not happens with other membership websites.
  4. Podia provides different plans for membership, both premium and free plan.
  • Embeds

With this podia allows to create a direct button for selling your digital products, digital downloads and memberships. This will give easy step to customers, and you can sell your thing with an embedded button. 

  1. Podia helps in creating a embedded button, hyperlink or product card to sell your online digital products.
  2. You just need to copy and paste the code.
  3. Now visitors will be able to buy your product.
  • Podia Website Builder

Podia Website Builder will guide you to create variety of custom pages.

Kinds of custom pages you can create are-

  1. Landing pages
  2. Product pages
  3. A contact pages
  4. About page
  5. Storefront page
  6. Service page
  7. Sales page.

Podia Features-

  1. you can customize your layout.
  2. Can create a home and landing page.
  3. It is mobile friendly.
  4. Third-part tools can be easily integrated.
  5. You can use mix and match sections with podia website builder.
  6. Customers can add image, text, newsletter, videos. capture forms etc.
  7. One can have their own shop page.


  • Free migration
  • Unlimited Hosting
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free website
  • Email marketing
  • Quality Branding
  • Allows to integrate with Facebook pixel, Google analytics and more.
  • Customer support available (24*7*365)
  • Single click upsells
  • You can create discount coupons for your products
  • Live preview when customizing
  • Flexible designs
  • Free hosting
  • Option to affiliate your product
  • podia editor
  • Custom URL

Detailed features of Podia-

  • Unlimited Hosting

you can host unlimited online courses and products. Podia don’t restrict on adding products. In addition Unlimited Customers can be managed.

Podia is steps forward from other services because of this feature. 

  • Free Migration

You need not to worry about your content on other platform.

Podia provides free migration facility, Your courses will get hosted by Podia free of cost.

  • Unlimited Bandwidth

Worrying about large files??

There is nothing to worry about large content, files, videos etc.

Podia provides unlimited bandwidth on its both the plans.

  • Email Marketing

This is the best feature. which helps in easy contact to customers.

You can send variety of offers and discounts to your customers including necessary details.

Different email marketing software-

  1. Aweber
  2. Drip
  3. MailChimp
  4. GetResponse
  5. ConvertKit
  6. MailerLite
  7. ActiveCampaign
  • Free Website


Don’t be!

Podia offers free website in addition.

You don’t need to pay extra or to go anywhere else for website and hosting service.

Podia provides free website and you can host your website and save details with a easy process.

  • Affiliate Marketing

Need experts?

Podia provides affiliate marketers who helps to affiliate your products and boost sales.

Promotions by affiliate marketers ensures high rich.

  • Organizing Webinars

You want to create engagement with visitors and customers??

Webinar will help you…

You can create great engagement with creators with webinars.

It helps to capture the emails of the visitors who are interested.

You can engage them by motivating at live webinars.

  • Integration of Ads Services

Want direct traffic and advertise your digital product?

You can do it with Ad services.

Podia permits to integrate with advertising services and pixels which will be helpful for your business to grow.

ADs Services Podia allows to integrate with-

  1. Facebook ADs
  2. Google ADs
  3. Pinterest
  • Allows to Integrate with Google Analytics and More

Podia offers to connect your digital store with Google analytics.

This will help you to examine your performance.

Google Analytics is the amazing tool to track engagement of your visitors.

From Podia you are allowed to join your digital store to Google analytics.

  • International Payment Options

Nowadays International payment options are very important to accept payment from all over the world.

Podia allows you to integrate international payment.

Podia easily get connected with Stripe and PayPal.

Why to choose Podia?

  1. With Podia you can do all the required actions for online business. You can create, sell your online courses along with digital downloads and memberships.
  1. Podia provides the platform, on which your knowledge cam be shared  through online courses. And will get money for that.
  2. With podia you can easily set up membership which is not provided by other services.
  3. Podia provides 14 days free trail.
  4. Podia provides unlimited Storage to store all the digital products at one location. which you don’t get with other services.
  5. You can also Reward customers and people who shared your products by the help of affiliate program with Podia. you can fix the commission terms by your own.
  6. Podia us one of the best digital store, they provide their customer easy access management of every products get hosted on Podia.
  7. They provide 24/7 customer service. Their support system is really amazing. they are easily available and always give quick response.

FAQs related to Podia deals

Q. Does podia provides a free demo?

Yes, Podia gives a demo on every Tuesday. After registration, you will get the required details and link as well for the demo session. You can take the demo and then Go for Podia Deal.

Q.  Podia really worth Subscription?

If you want all in one solution, then Podia is the best choice to have. It has all the required features one needs for online business with bank saving price.

You can get complete package to deal your online business under one roof.

You can give a try with Podia’s 14 days free trial, which doesn’t ask for any payment.

Q. Does Podia includes Email advertising program?

Yes, Podia includes Email advertising program with which you can do Email campaigns and one-way newsletters.

Q. Does Podia allows free migration?

Yes, Podia provides free migration. You need not worry even about cost of migration. Migration can be done within 2 weeks by the Podia Migration team.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy Integration with Facebook pixel in addition with other advertising tools.
  • Infinite Storage for class, merchandise, and site sponsor.
  • Online Course Production, selling goods, advertising.
  • Pre-launch Capabilities
  • Ability to include distinct membership
  • Smooth and Effortless interface
  • Pre Sell Capabilities
  • Migration to Podia doesn’t include any extra fee.
  • Super easy to use with Modern UI and UX.
  • Amazing 24/7 in-built customer service.
  • Zero Transaction fee 


  • Mover plan don’t offer Affiliate Marketing feature.
  • Offers no free plan.
  • Application not available for smartphone users.
  • The email marketing system was great as third party solutions.


Looking for all in one solution, There is nothing better than Podia.

And Especially with these Podia deals.

Podia is such an amazing online course platform, which has all the required features, and serves their best to the creators as well as customers.

The best reason to opt Podia is it is super easy to use and 24/7 available with Customer support. They always give quick response to queries.

With all the appealing features it is available on such an reasonable price. 

One more thing which can appeal you the most is 14 days free trail. It don’t ask for any credit card information, you try this with no commitment.

Here you won’t get anyone ahead Podia when it comes to User friendly all in one digital store.

You are allowed to create , sell your products, as well as you can host your website free of cost with Podia.

With such a cheap price Podia is providing all the needed features to run and boost your business.

Surely you can get more platforms for online courses, but With this Podia is the only platform which provides all in one services at a single platform.

With Podia you can get tools for Promotional campaigns, handling goods, construction sales page, course production, email advertising, all at same platform. Don’t need pay extra for any of these services at other platforms.

Podia saves money as well as time also,by providing all different services at one place.

You might have many other probing questions on its features and performance, or unsure if opting this will work for your project, then there can’t be a definite answer for this. 

You have to give it a considerable time to gather the performance data and analyze what percentage of impact it creates.

There is nothing to worry about while choosing Podia.

 Podia is offering a huge discount on its both plans. You may not get this offer again.

Don’t miss this chance to get all in one service platform for online business at this cheap price.

Go Grab this!

Hurry up!

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